Travel Arrangements & Documents

Depending on your home country the time of arrival at the Incheon International Airport will vary. On the customs entry form please indicate “Visitor” Visa requirements.

When you arrive you will be picked up by a driver who will have a card with your name at the Arrivals Level of the airport. The driver will take you to the Oakwood Hotel. There will be a driver that takes you from the Oakwood Hotel to International St. Mary’s Hospital the next day.

Recommended hotel: Oakwood Hotel

Patient agenda at International St. Mary’s Hospital

Recommended for the patient to take to hospital:

  • All current medicines that you take including prescriptions to give to the hospital staff
  • Toiletries
  • Equipment – glasses, dentures, hearing aids, crutches, walkers, braces or other equipment required.
  • Comfortable clothing – loose-fitting clothing, an ample supply of underwear, comfortable socks, and slippers
  • Elective: Smart Phone, computer with entertainment, headphones,

Note: All rooms have a cupboard with a lock.

Day 0: Arrival into Incheon Airport and hotel check-in.

Day 1:  Pre-operation testing and admission

Day 2: CARTISTEM® Operation

Day3 to Day 7: In hospital room with daily tests and therapy

Day 8: Discharge from hospital

Day 8 & 9: In hotel

Day 10: Return to hospital for final tests

Day 11: Transportation to airport arranged

Day 11: Return flight home

The above plan may change depending on the patient’s condition or the situation of the hospital.